Tips to help you drive your social media marketing budget!

Posted By Vinti Paliwal | 17 Feb
17 Feb

One third of the world population accesses the social media platforms regularly. So, spending money for effective campaigns on social media is almost inevitable. But you must use the correct tool at the correct time, to get the optimum ROI.

Why Social Media Marketing? It needs no explanation right?

Social Media is now an integral part of every business entity’s marketing plan. According to a recent research, more than 50% of marketers report that social media has helped them improve sales. Social Media Marketing Agencies such as TechnoNative utilize latest trends and data analytics to optimize the ‘Return On Investment’ on social media.

So, you got your social media profiles and amazing products & services. What to do now?

  • Firstly, people should see your brand as a knowledgeable and expert entity on social media. It is not just a way to show people advertisements and offers. You should participate in online discussions, forums & debates and engage with the people honestly.

  • Don’t just be focused on your page/ profile, check what your competitors are doing and what is their effectiveness. And unleash the campaign to get an upper hand on social media popularity.

  • Strategize and publish through paid advertising services, they do work and deliver good results overall. Going just organic is naïve and ineffective.

  • Keep track of the conversations around your brand and industry domain. Schedule and publish your paid content at the right time, on the right platform, to the right audience.

  • Analyze the impact of the campaign using Google Analytics and revise the strategy accordingly using predictive intelligence.

  • Invest in creating content with good appeal. Use good quality media like Videos, Photographs, Animation, Blogs and Events for the promotional activities. Bad quality content just doesn’t work.

  • Get insights about the performance on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn Google Plus and YouTube through PDF reports and Dashboards. Understand their business impact using end-to-end tracking.

  • Optimize the advertising efficiency and limit the CPC [Cost Per Click] and CPT [Cost Per Thousand impressions] with Post Performance Prediction. Decrease negative feedback and ineffective strategies.

There are so many parameters to consider and it is almost impossible to assess exact ROI but we can measure the effectiveness nonetheless. Check for increase in No. of visitors, No. of returning visitors, average time spent on your website, No. of page views, reviews and likes, etc.

And if you think you need an expert to chalk out a strategy to optimize your Social Media Marketing Budget, contact TechnoNative. TechnoNative offers robust Website & Mobile Apps Development services, SEO, SEM & SMO services and Digital Marketing services.

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  1. Director, A Communications company in London says:

    The team at TechnoNative are very responsive, efficient and friendly. Once they are on a project they show their deep commitment towards it and do not rest till it goes onboard. We would love to collaborate with them all over again!

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