Make the most of Mobile Marketing to attract your customers

Posted By Vinti Paliwal | 16 Feb
16 Feb

Things have changed in the last few years. We have come a long way from a computer era to a mobile era. Mobile devices are the most important thing in everyone’s life.

Be it personal life or business, mobile devices like cellphones, smartphones, tablets, and PDAs form the primary channel of communication. There’s no doubt about it. This is why; mobile marketing has become so much important.

From tickets to groceries, from fashion to food, people are shopping everything online. Whether you are selling products or offering services, employing mobile marketing is a must.

So, as a business owner, what does mobile marketing hold in store for you?

A multichannel advertising strategy is required for reaching out to the target audience through voice messages, sms, email, websites, apps, search engines, social media and QR codes. Most crucial factor is the optimum balance of these channels, to give your brand the mobile marketing advantage.

And how exactly do you do that? Here are some tips, so read on!

  • Use location services to create marketing campaigns which are based on geographic location of the mobile device, you can display special offers to the nearby people

  • Understand the audiences’ profile, preferences and frequently visited online destinations from their mobile devices, and create a plan to advertise your brand at those locations

  • Take advantage of Mobile Search Marketing and advertise your brand through shopping feeds when people search for results related to your business on search engines

  • Utilize the magic of Social Media, establish a strong presence on social media with informative & engaging profile and display ads

  • Employ multiple strategies and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaigns, what works, what doesn’t and what was overlooked while defining strategy for mobile marketing

  • Be sure about your expectations and short & long term objectives for mobile marketing, and make sure people are redirected to landing page of your portal through the ads

  • Optimize your website and app for latest mobile devices and technology, if your base camp is not attractive, your umpteen advertising efforts are going in vein

  • Create meaningful, appealing and entertaining content that resonate with the target audience and promote it through most effective channels

There are so many parameters to consider and it is almost impossible to assess exact ROI but we can measure the effectiveness nonetheless. Check for increase in No. of visitors, No. of returning visitors, average time spent on your website, No. of page views, reviews and likes, etc.

It’s quite clear now, mobile marketing is important and complex, it requires analytical skills and foresight for trends and technology. Rather than shooting strategies in the dark, employing Mobile Marketing Experts such as TechnoNative is a better option to improve effectiveness.

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